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The calculator provides a guide spot price of gold, and not a quote for your items; the weight of precious stones, other materials and costs are not taken into account. Please see T&C for more info.

A lot of people believe that old silver wear or silver jewellery is not worth much money and throw it away because they believe this rather than sell it. But you will be amazed on how much money you could get for your silver. The scrap value of silver can provide you with handsome returns in cash depending on how much silver you have. You are most likely going to receive something in return for your jewellery so wouldn't you prefer to have the money in your pocket rather than in the bin? Let us give you a FREE quote on the price of your silver and you may be surprised by just how much it's worth.

So what is the price of silver is probably your next question. The price of silver depends on its purity. To find out how much cash we will give for your silver just fill out the form on the right hand side and we will send you a free courier pick up pack. When we have received your silver we will give you a quote so you can know how much your silver is worth per Ounce. We will confirm how much your items weigh, the purity and how much we can offer for your items. If you find that you are not happy with the price simply let us know and we will return your silver back to you FREE OF CHARGE.