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The calculator provides a guide spot price of gold, and not a quote for your items; the weight of precious stones, other materials and costs are not taken into account. Please see T&C for more info.

The gold price for ounce can vary depending on many factors, the main one being the carat of your gold. A basic test to check if you have real gold or just gold plated is to run a magnet over your gold. If the magnet sticks this means that it is either not gold or is a very low quality of gold with a large mixture of other metals in it.

As The British Gold Refinery are refiners ourselves we can offer the best price for your gold by cutting out the middle men. When we buy your gold we check the weight and carat of the gold and can offer you the best possible price on your gold.

If you know the weight and carat of your gold and want a quick quote you can use our online gold calculator. This will give you the current market price for your gold and provide a very good idea on how much money you will receive for your gold.