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The calculator provides a guide spot price of gold, and not a quote for your items; the weight of precious stones, other materials and costs are not taken into account. Please see T&C for more info.

Any questions?

To help you to make your decision here are a few answers to commonly asked questions.

Is there anything for me to pay in order to sell my jewellery to British Gold Refinery?

No. Delivery and insurance is completely free whichever option you choose. We send you out a FREE postal kit or arrange a FREE courier to pick up your jewellery.

Are there any Charges?

We provide a completely free service with no charges should you wish us to return your items to you. However if you have sent items which are not a precious metal we will charge postage and packing should you wish these items returned - please see T&C for more details.

How can you offer such a good price?

Due to our excellent contacts within the industry, we can guarantees maximum precious metal extraction from old jewellery. This means that nothing is missed during the refining process, and therefore we are always able to pay the best rates. Not all businesses in the gold buying sector are in this position, which is why they cannot compete with us on price. Not only this, but as a British-based business, we save money on exchange rates and postage costs. All these savings then end up where they belong – in your pocket.

Is there a faster way of getting my items to you?

You can post your items to us for valuation without waiting for the free postal pack or a courier. Print out our form, fill it in and put it in a special delivery envelope with your jewellery. Send it to us and we will refund you the cost not only of your postage but also for any insurance cover.

Is my gold insured?

Yes it is insured up to a value of £500. Extra cover up to the value of £2,500 can also be arranged if needed.

Do you only buy gold?

No not at all. We buy all forms of gold along with platinum, palladium, silver – not only do we buy all precious metals, but we also buy gemstones and coins.

How do you value my jewellery?

We weigh your gold using UK Trading Standards approved scales that are specially designed for the jewellery industry. This ensures total accuracy so that you get the best price. Our valuation is based on the pure precious metal content within your item.

Will the testing process damage my jewellery?

We use cutting edge sensor equipment to ensure no damage is done to the items you send to us. However in some cases, to confirm unclear results, we resort to the more common acid tests to provide a more accurate evaluation. We strive to ensure your items are returned to you in the same condition as they were in when received by British Gold Refinery.

Can I send broken jewellery to British Gold Refinery?

Yes absolutely. All items are valued by their weight and carat so the price is not affected by their condition.

How can I tell if my jewellery is real before I send it in?

One simple way of confirming whether your metal jewellery is gold or silver is to run a magnet over it. Anything that sticks to the magnet is probably not solid gold, silver or platinum.

Does it matter if my jewellery is hallmarked?

Most foreign and old jewellery is not hallmarked so the lack of any hallmark will not affect its value.

I can't use the gold calculator because I don't know the weight of the item. What do I do?

This is not a problem at all. We weigh all the items on our Certified UK Trading Standards approved scales, calibrated to the nearest 0.01 Gram, to ensure you get the best price for you gold.

How do I track my order?

You can see the status of your order at any time on the "Track Order" page on our website. Alternatively, call us on 0800 014 8222 and a member of British Gold Refinery's team will give you an update.

How will I get paid for my gold?

We will pay you by cheque, bank transfer or in cash depending upon your individual preference.

Do I have to accept your offer?

All of our offers are no obligation so it's entirely up to you if you choose to accept or decline.

If you decline our offer your items will be returned within 10 days, at no additional charge for your precious metals.