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The calculator provides a guide spot price of gold, and not a quote for your items; the weight of precious stones, other materials and costs are not taken into account. Please see T&C for more info.


Our gold value calculator is the easiest way to work out how much your gold is currently worth. If you know the weight the carat of your gold it is easy to find out your price for gold using this cash for gold calculator.

If you are not sure as to what carat your gold is that is not a problem. The best way to do a test at home to see if you have gold or just metal is to run a magnet over your jewellery. If your item is gold the magnet will not stick. If it sticks then your item is metal or very low quality gold.

If you have scrap gold calculate how much it is worth by using the scrap gold price calculator. We give you a price for your gold based on the weight and carat, not the the condition of your jewellery.