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The calculator provides a guide spot price of gold, and not a quote for your items; the weight of precious stones, other materials and costs are not taken into account. Please see T&C for more info.

Did you know that scrap gold has the same value as brand new gold? Scrap gold will deliver the same selling price as brand new gold. If you are wondering how it is possible for scrap gold and brand new gold be valued at the same price, let us explain. When The British Gold Refinery buys your jewellery back from you we simply melt the gold and once melted it has exactly the same value as gold would in today's gold market. Once the gold is melted the age of the gold is irrelevant and old gold and new gold will be worth the same.
Regardless of the condition of your gold and however old it is, The British Gold Refinery will pay you cash for it. We can buy it from you and transfer the cash for gold it into your account, or if preferable, send you a bankers draft or cheque – all within 24 hours of your accepting our cash for your gold offer.
There are many different grades of carat gold. The lowest giving the price of 9carat scrap gold, with grades all the way up to 24 carat gold. So send you gold to The British Gold Refinery and you will be offered a good amount of cash for your gold whatever the carat or the condition it is in. So why wait? The British Gold Refinery has been the market leaders for many years and guarantees to offer the most competitive rates in the market place. Order your free postal kit or request for us to arrange to courier collect it from you. Receive that all important cash into your account as soon as possible by exchanging your gold for cash with The British Gold Refinery.