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Frequently Asked Questions

By selling to the British Gold Refinery direct, you can cut out the middle man, and save on the low costs pawn brokers pay for gold, or other cash for gold sites.

Is there any cost to selling my jewellery to British Gold Refinery?
No – delivery and insurance is completely free whichever option you choose. We send you out a FREE postal kit or arrange a FREE courier to pick up your jewellery.

How do I know you offer the best price?
When you choose British Gold Refinery, you sell directly to a refinery and cut out the middleman. As a British-based business, we save money on exchange rates and postage costs. The savings then end up where they belong Ė in your pocket. Choose British Gold Refinery to get the best prices guaranteed.

I want to sell my gold to British Gold Refinery. What do I do?
Call us on 0800 014 8222 or complete the website form (in the right margin of this page) and request a FREE postal kit. Complete your details, place your jewellery inside the prepaid seal-easy special delivery envelope and send it from your local Post Office. They will give you a receipt and send it off to us immediately. Your items will be fully insured up to £2500.

Alternatively, call us on 0800 014 8222 or complete the website form (in the right margin of this page) and book a FREE courier - we'll call to arrange a pick up time. Your courier will arrive the next day, pick up your jewellery and deliver it to British Gold Refinery.

Once we receive your jewellery, we will call you to make an offer.

I need money super fast. How do I get the gold to you in the quickest time?
You can post it off without waiting for the pack or a courier. Print out our form and you will get FREE insurance up to £2500. Go to a Post Office and place the form into a special delivery envelope with your gold. We will add on the costs of postage and insurance so you don't lose a penny!

Is my gold insured?
Yes – up to the value of £500, and it can even be increased to a value of up to £2500 if needed.

Do you only buy gold?
No – not only do we buy all forms of gold but we also buy all forms of platinum, palladium and silver.

How do you value my jewellery?
We weigh your gold using UK Trading Standards Approved scales, designed for the jewellery industry, ensuring we measure the right weight and you get the best price. Our valuation is based on the pure precious metal content within your item.

Will the testing process damage my jewellery?
No – we use a cutting sensor equipment to ensure no damage is done to your gold. We believe that consumers have a right to receive their gold back just as they sent it in – that's why we don't perform damaging acid tests.

Can I send broken jewellery to British Gold Refinery?
Yes – all items are valued on their weight and carat, so regardless of whether the items are in good condition are not we will always give you the best price.

How can I tell if my jewellery is real before I send it in?
One simple way to tell whether your metal jewellery is actual gold or silver is to run a magnet over it. Before sending your items in, spread them out on a paper towel and run a common refrigerator magnet over them. If your items stick to the magnet, the chances are they are not real and you should not send them in.

If you're still not sure, the only sure-fire way to tell if your jewellery is real is to send it in to British Gold Refinery to be tested by a expert.

Does it matter if my jewellery is hallmarked?
No – most foreign and old jewellery is not hallmarked. The lack of a hallmark will not affect its value.

I can't use the gold calculator because I don't know the weight of the item. What do I do?
Don't worry – the calculator is only there for your added convenience. We still weigh all the items via our Certified UK Trading Standards Approved scales, calibrated to the nearest 0.01 Gram to ensure you get the best price for you gold.

How do I track my order?
On the "Track Order" tab of our website you can see the status of your order at any time. Alternatively, call 0800 014 8222 and one of our friendly staff will give you an update.

How will I get paid for my gold?
You get paid by cheque or bank transfer. You can either tell us on the phone or select the relevant option on the form within the postal kit.

Do I have to accept your offer?
No – we will call you with an offer and you can choose to accept or reject. You can cancel the order and request your jewellery back within 7 days from agreeing the offer.

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